Meimelin. A touch of Paris


Meimelin is a jewelry studio where crystals, pearls and semi-precious stones from Swarovski Elements transform into earrings, bracelets and necklaces with a classic and elegant design.

Designed by Meimelin, the wide range of crystals and stones allows you to find the perfect accessory shade for any outfit. Meimelin uses certified Swarovski Elements crystals in its jewelry, which can be authenticated using the attached unique code, which can be verified on the Swarovski Elements website.


Jewelry is widely used for materials with longer life - especially the new generation of materials - stainless steel, which is characterized by very high color fastness. We use this material in chains and pendants engraved with the name.

Silver (925prove), 24K gold plated silver, and other 16K or 18K gold plated metals are also widely used in jewelry making. We make sure the jewelry is free of allergenic nickel and cadmium and is easy to use for customers with sensitive ears.

Reflecting on the range of jewelry that today's working women need, both for business and for work, as well as for special occasions, we offer our customers Swedish IOAKU jewelry designed by Fanny Ek. They are brightly designed jewelry, perfect for women looking for something special and remarkable. Alexander Pavlov, one of the country's leading stylists, also welcomed the jewelry. He recommends that you wear them in combination with your brand's outfits. The Meimelin Fair in Riga is the only place where you can view and buy this jewelry for life.

The Estonian brand KUMA also makes leather brooches in the shape of butterflies. They can be easily transformed into a classic bracelet with a special leather strap, on the wrist or on the wrist, to be attached to a blouse or inserted into the hair.

The latest collection also includes miniature earrings, which have become very popular with our customers. We will always strive to make sure that the accessories we find give you the confidence and positivity you need to look great!